Makes a Change from Covid19

We won a contract to look after a ten storey car park which was only five years old but hadn’t been looked after very well. Only a few days in and the concrete is changing colour. Always satisfying to see a change like this.

Staff Returning to Work

As businesses begin to return to work, we’ve produced a risk assessment to understand what may have or has changed in the customers premises we look after. Some have already returned but over 200 staff are ready to re-start work as the customers request us to do so. We’ve developed a risk assessment / information booklet to give those ready to return an idea about what to expect and also give instructions about duties and where to go for help, if required.

Message for Furloughed Staff

So that we can make the furlough payment to you please can you email confirming that you agree to be furloughed, if you haven’t already done so.

If you are unable to email, please send a letter to Edwards Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd., The Grainger Suite, Dobson House, Regent Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 3PF.

Because the money is coming from the Government, we will be unable to make furlough payments to you without a confirmatory email or letter. The Government need to know that you have agreed to be furloughed before payment will be made.

If you’re sending in an email, please ensure your name and place of work are clearly written, some emails are not clear who sent them and some people ask family or friends to send the email on their behalf.

Please remember to give us a call on 0191 3000814 (north east) or 0113 8870315 (Yorkshire) if you have any questions or queries at all during this very difficult time.

Please stay safe.