New Addition for Nana T

Congratulations to Dawn Hagan (and boyfriend Joe) as they became a first time Mam and Dad to Vincent Edward Duffy on Monday the 17th July. Tina (Dawn’s Mam) now becomes Nana T and was so thrilled with the arrival of Vinnie, Nana T brought him in to the office for some cuddles! Although Dawn has worked with us for three years, Nana T has worked with us for ten!

We look forward to seeing a lot more of Vinnie.

Sometimes I wonder..

The reason I got in to cleaning was because I strongly believed that the industry was, in the main, amateurish and behind the times. Stereotypical ‘Mrs Mop’ types of people was how people imagined the average cleaner to be, a woman, over 60 years old in slippers, curlers and a cigarette drooping out of her mouth as she mopped a floor with an old wooden handled mop and some kind of string mop that just moved the muck about.

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