Net Zero Ambitions

Edwards Commercial Cleaning are excited to announce we have partnered with a Senior Environmental Consultant to achieve our net zero ambitions!

Tamma Carel (PIEMA, FIIRSM, MSc, BSc) specialises in UK Environmental Law and Business Management Systems (e.g. ESG/BCorp/ISO14001). She is the founder of Imvelo Ltd, a specialist sustainability consultancy and training provider, and cofounder of iCOR, which is a digital audit solution that makes it easy for organisations (in any sector) to navigate and comply with environmental legislation, combining expert knowledge with the genuine desire to help organisations improve their sustainability goals – for people, planet and profit.

Tamma is working alongside the Edwards Commercial Cleaning team to ensure our sustainability goals are realised. We have already set up a partnership with Ecologi; a passionate community of over 19,000 businesses and 40,000 members. They fund climate action to protect our planet. And, to celebrate 20 years in business Edwards Commercial Cleaning have funded 20 trees.

We are now working on achieving our sustainability development targets including improving water quality, achieving the environmentally sound management of chemicals and all wastes throughout their life cycle, substantially reduce waste generation and prevent and significantly reduce marine pollution of all kinds.

We will keep you informed of our progress in meeting these sustainability development goals – so please do keep an eye on our LinkedIn page!

If you’d like to speak to a member of the team to learn more about our eco-friendly practices, net zero ambitions and how they may align with your business then contact us via