Exciting times.

We are thrilled to share an important update that will greatly impact our human resource’s function and shape our future business plans.

In our commitment to enhancing our HR operations and providing outstanding support, we have partnered with Inspired HR, an award winning & highly regarded HR provider with a strong reputation for excellence.

Based in the Northeast, Inspired HR brings extensive expertise and a proven track record of delivering exceptional HR solutions to businesses of all sizes.

With their support, our goal is to streamline our HR processes and develop a long-term HR strategy that enables us to attract, retain, and develop great employees. Some of the areas they will focus on include:

Developing our recruitment and onboarding processes further to attract talented and great employees.
Reviewing and developing our job descriptions, benefits, and rewards to attract and value our employees.
Developing a leadership and training program for current and future managers.
Creating a health and well-being initiative to support the mental and physical well-being of our employees.
Establishing a talent management and performance appraisal program to motivate and enable career growth.
Implementing effective communication channels for employees to give and receive valuable feedback.

To support their integration into our company, we would like to introduce the key individuals from Inspired HR who will be working closely with us:

Nikki Masterman – the Founder and Managing Director of Inspired HR

Nikki brings over 30 years of invaluable HR experience to our business and will be acting as our HR Director. She will collaborate closely with our leadership team, particularly Paul and Hazel, to shape and execute our long-term HR strategy. Nikki’s extensive knowledge will be instrumental in driving our business growth and success.

Jenny Rolfe – the Head of HR Consultancy for Inspired HR

Jenny will be acting as our Head of HR and will oversee our HR operations and ensure that our day-to-day HR activities run smoothly and comply with legal requirements. With 19 years of senior HR experience, Jenny’s expertise will be vital in supporting our operational team.

Mark Smith – HR and Recruitment Consultant with Inspired HR

Mark will serve as an HR Manager, providing operational support to Jenny and our management team. Additionally, he will assist our recruitment team as we continue to grow. With over 30 years of experience running and owning his own businesses, Mark’s commercial and HR knowledge will be a valuable resource.

Although Inspired HR has a broader UK team, we are fortunate to have their business leaders directly supporting us due to their local head office. We are confident that their collective expertise and commitment to excellence will greatly benefit our business and the growth of our employees.

We are excited about this new relationship and the opportunities it presents for our business. By working closely with Inspired HR, we aim to build on our current people culture and continue to foster a supportive and engaging work environment that promotes your growth and well-being.

In the coming weeks, Nikki, Jenny, and Mark will familiarise themselves with our company culture, processes, and policies. They will be reaching out to some of our team to introduce themselves and gain insights into our business and people management.

A really exciting time for the business.