Jonny’s Debut

To take Jonny along to an Entrepreneurs Forum event was quite a proud moment for me as bringing Jonny through in to a position where, in future, he’ll be assisting in the running of the business, it’s important he gets to meet many inspirational leaders and entrepreneurs.

The day was excellent as we heard talks from Sir Ian Livingstone CBE who was the mastermind behind Tomb Raider, Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons and Laura Croft! and the amazing Maxine Laceby who created the award winning Absolute Collagen. Other speakers included the fantastic long distance running, world record breaking, Mimi Anderson and James Averdieck, founder of Gu and the Coconut Collaborative.

We heard a lot of stories of success and struggle and lessons about persistence, determination and just hard work. A great day, shared with my son. Can’t get much better than that.