New Addition for Nana T

Congratulations to Dawn Hagan (and boyfriend Joe) as they became a first time Mam and Dad to Vincent Edward Duffy on Monday the 17th July. Tina (Dawn’s Mam) now becomes Nana T and was so thrilled with the arrival of Vinnie, Nana T brought him in to the office for some cuddles! Although Dawn has worked with us for three years, Nana T has worked with us for ten!

We look forward to seeing a lot more of Vinnie.

Sometimes I wonder..

The reason I got in to cleaning was because I strongly believed that the industry was, in the main, amateurish and behind the times. Stereotypical ‘Mrs Mop’ types of people was how people imagined the average cleaner to be, a woman, over 60 years old in slippers, curlers and a cigarette drooping out of her mouth as she mopped a floor with an old wooden handled mop and some kind of string mop that just moved the muck about.

Early mornings, late nights.

Unfortunately the hours we work in the cleaning industry does mean that staff are out early and in late. As Autumn turns to Winter and the clocks go back, before long staff will be leaving and returning home in the dark. We would like staff to have as many ‘safeguards’ as possible, especially those travelling and/or working alone.