Giving a Bit Back!

Yesterday I spent the day with a local Academy speaking to 200 Yr9 and Yr10 students about careers and opportunities.

It’s a small way of helping to give back and try to inspire the next generation, no matter the path they ultimately decide to tread.

Talking to groups of 4 to 8 students at a time we discussed a little about what I’ve done in business but it came across that the vast majority simply have no clue on what they want to do and the few that had an idea, didn’t know how to progress and find out more. Each group arrived with a small booklet and had been briefed to take turn in asking very generic questions. These ranged from, “Where did you go to school?” to “Is behaviour and good time keeping important?”

From the second group I told them that these questions will be of little use to them so either ask what you really want to ask or we’ll have a discussion about what I’m looking for from an applicant and how to find a job that suits you by being ‘self aware’ and understanding if you like to work around people (people person) or more comfortable in a job working alone. I gave examples and explained what my kids did on their journey and why they took decisions they took.

I asked them, “Who is excited at the prospect of leaving school and getting a job?” Few said yes. So I explained that rather than calling it a ‘job’ lets call it something else, like ‘”Experiences.” I then asked, “Who wanted to drive a car and travel around with their mates to great places, concerts and sporting events? Who would eventually like their own place to live, who wants to travel the World and go to Paris, New York, Rome?” This was related to being paid money which you get for going to work. “Now who wants to work?” Lots of nods and raised hands!

The few who had an idea of what they wanted to do had no idea about qualifications, which Colleges or Universities they needed to go to for a course or which companies did what they are looking at across the region.” I suggested they Google local business in their target market and give them a call directly asking for advice and explaining that they’re a student and very interested in what they do. No one had thought to do this.

Anyway, it was a great experience and very rewarding and if it helps one or two then absolutely worth my time. If you want to get into doing something similar when you can, try Founders4Schools at they’d really appreciate your time and experience.

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