New Business Development Manager for Yorkshire

We’re pleased to be able to welcome Kayleigh Stevens to the family as the Business Development Manager covering Yorkshire. There’s a huge opportunity to grow the business and create many excellent new positions right across the company to compliment the fantastic people we have working with us. Of course for Kayleigh to join us as the BDM in Yorkshire, it means that Rachael McCarthy has left us after three years in that role. We thank Rachael for all of her hard work and wish her every success in whatever challenge Rachael decides to tackle next. Enjoy your time with the family and once again, thank you for everything.

Thank You Agnes

After thirteen years (and five months) working in the Edwards Family, Agnes Dembo retired today. Never late or sick, Agnes has been so very loyal and hard working for us and of course, the customers Agnes has worked with over the years. Mother of seven children, Agnes joined us in 2006 being able to speak little English. Agnes actually took over her daughter’s work when Candy decided to leave and Agnes has been with us ever since. This morning, just before the end of her shift, Hazel, Andrius and Paul went to wish Agnes a very happy retirement and say thank you. You’re going to be a huge miss, thank you very much for such amazing loyalty, dedication and for looking after our customers.

Our Guiding Principle

Sometimes in life, you need a little help, a bit of guidance. Business is no different. Over the years, we’ve built something special and really enjoyed doing it. With great people working alongside, we’ve become good at what we do and we like to think we’ve been innovative with things like our bespoke auditing and management system and even the ‘Milk Round’ which means none of our plastic waste goes to landfill.

Mental Health

Going back a number of years now, mental illness wasn’t very well understood. When we’d receive a call from someone saying they weren’t going to make it in to work because they were feeling, “A bit down” we didn’t give them a tremendous amount of sympathy.

Organ Donation Week

All of my family now carry a donor card. Once we go we can help others to live. Far too many people are dying needlessly when they could live normal lives. What a gift to leave!

Let’s see if we can get more of our staff carrying the card. It’s easy, here’s the link

Thank you.