Second Lockdown

The Prime Minister on Saturday 31st October announced that there will be a second lockdown throughout England.

At the moment, we’re looking at what this means for both clients and our staff and until we know exactly what is happening and how it will (or won’t) affect everyone, we’ll continue to assess the situation and continue speaking to all concerned. We understand that these are worrying times but we’re here to help in any way we can. We do know that the lockdown will start this Thursday the 5th November and run to (at least) the 2nd December 2020.

We’re hopeful that there won’t be too much disruption to services but this, of course, depends on the customers circumstances and wishes.

If you’re worried, need advice or clarification, please call the office on 0191 3000814 (North East) or 0113 4333500 (Yorkshire) and we’ll be able to discuss it with you.

Thank you.