Funny Thing…

We’ve been in business since September 2003 and in that time we’ve had many sales meetings, operations meetings and hundreds of one to one chats but you know what? We’ve never, ever, had the whole management team in one room. Not once.

The obvious benefits of sharing information, receiving feedback, sharing knowledge and experiences, discussing ideas and opportunities and just generally enjoying the ‘buzz’ of everyone together had simply passed me by. I really hadn’t thought of the benefits. Getting everyone rowing the boat together in the right direction, sharing the goals and the vision. Reflecting on the last year, last month and looking positively forward is ‘mahoosive’ as Tracey our Business Development Manager explained.

Well, this morning the Yorkshire team motored (separately) north to Newcastle and we met up for what was just an amazing, inspiring and a happy experience. As the team discussed, debated and laughed their way through the two hours, I took a minute to take it all in. Savoured the banter, smiled as our Office Manager managed to sly away all the chocolate ‘Chomps’ from the socially distanced tables in to her bag without anyone noticing and enjoyed telling the stories about how we’ve overcome and adapted through a rotten ‘Covid19’ time.

Objectives and goals were agreed and the future really does look exciting.

Future monthly Managers Meeting are now confirmed in the diary and I can’t wait for the next one.