Another Big Contract Success.

We’re absolutely delighted to have won a huge education contract in Newcastle which will start in the summer.

The prestigious account is a great win for us and has taken a couple of years to achieve because of Covid-19 and a lot of discussions. It’s fantastic that potential clients have the confidence to trust us with their buildings and we’ll ensure that they made the right choice by giving them a service they deserve. It means more job opportunities across the contract and will certainly keep our amazing Operations team busy. Before the start up, we’ll be quickly meeting the current cleaning operatives as changes in contract are unsettling and worrying and we want to give them assurances and explain how we’ll support them going forward. New innovative equipment will be ordered to help with productivity and standards of cleaning and we plan to make an excellent first impression on site when we start.

Once again, it was a brilliant collaboration between sales, operations and administration to have presented a winning package for the customer. The saying, “Team Work makes the Dream Work” is so true.