As We Emerge from Lockdown..

I think everyone will be pleased to see the lockdown restrictions eased a little?

We’re seeing a number of businesses now looking to return to buildings right across the North East and Yorkshire, following the schools re-opening a month or so ago. Of course, it’s so important that buildings and working spaces are safe and this will, no doubt, continue for the near future at least. Our experience, knowledge and ability to understand what is required and help design a working schedule of cleaning to suit each individual business and school has been appreciated by our customers and our huge thanks go to our cleaning teams, Area Supervisors, mobile cleaners and our Operations Managers for working so hard to keep people safe.

If you’re looking to return or you’re wanting to discuss a plan, we’re here to help and advise in any way we can. Everyone needs the economy to grow and be strong but it’s vital that everything is done in a safe way. Protecting people is the priority, whether they be staff, visitors or the public. Please do get in touch if we can help you safely return.