How Green Are We?

At Edwards Cleaning, we strive to be as green as we can be and do not use any bleach products at any of our customer’s sites. We believe in using environmentally friendly products that are non-hazardous to the surrounding environment.

We are also able to offer chemical free cleaning to some of our larger customers. Switching from traditional chemicals to stabilized aqueous ozone (o3), will reduce energy, smog, and greenhouse gases while killing germs naturally. There are no harmful chemical fumes, no residues and it is safe for the planet as well as its people. It reverts back to water and oxygen, so there is zero down-drain waste and it dramatically reduces your carbon footprint by using on-site generation. This is safer for you and safer for us. We would be delighted to discuss this in further detail with you if this is of interest?

Where chemicals are still in use, we produce a lot of our own waste. With over 200 sites receiving a monthly delivery of stock we discovered that most of the empty plastic containers and bottles we deliver were going into customers’ general waste which goes to landfill. This simply isn’t good enough and so along with our ISO14001 commitment to the environment, we decided that all our plastic waste had to go to be recycled. Now, when we make a delivery, we drop in a clear recycle bag for the empty bottles and containers to go into. We then take the bags to be recycled. We call this our ‘milk round’, it’s been tremendously successful and literally tons of plastic have been prevented from going to landfill.

Our office is going paperless! Very soon, we will have a work environment where the use of paper is eliminated or greatly reduced. Less printing means lower costs, lower energy usage, fewer carbon emissions and fewer environmental impacts associated with the production of paper, plastics and chemicals!