Keeping Safe.

Quite a few of our front line staff, especially in the medical environments, are now beginning to receive the Covid19 vaccine, which is excellent news.

Many of our staff are cleaning in places where the virus is. We’re cleaning Corona hubs, vaccination centres and of course, many medical practices across the North East and throughout Yorkshire. Our teams that go out to where the breakouts of Covid19 happen are also right on the front line and hopefully they’ll be invited for the ‘jab’ shortly. It’s a hugely worrying time and like many businesses, we’ve suffered because of offices and schools closing down over the different lock downs we’ve had. Thankfully as a business we’ve continues to win contracts and have plans to continue growth through 2021 and beyond. It’s been a worry as businesses suspend service and staff have been either part furloughed or completely furloughed but at least it has meant that people are safe. We’re so very lucky having such amazing people working with us.