Another Lockdown!

It’s not what anyone wanted but it really was inevitable with cases of Covid19 close to 60,000 a day and high daily death tolls.

A lockdown, similar to March 2020, will cause difficulties and will, no doubt suspend services to a number of clients. At the moment, we don’t know who or what will be affected but we’ll be sure to let our staff know as things develop. If it’s like the March event, we’ll know pretty quickly what’s happening. We’ll be in touch with everyone as soon as we know.

At least there’s a shining light on the horizon this time. The vaccines are being rolled out and over the coming months, with more and more protected, things will improve and return to whatever that ‘normal’ will look like. We’re very lucky to have such fantastic employees and awesome clients and we’ll all get through this latest set-back together.

Please remember we’re around to answer any questions or discuss any worries our staff may have. Speak soon.