Sometimes I wonder..

The reason I got in to cleaning was because I strongly believed that the industry was, in the main, amateurish and behind the times. Stereotypical ‘Mrs Mop’ types of people was how people imagined the average cleaner to be, a woman, over 60 years old in slippers, curlers and a cigarette drooping out of her mouth as she mopped a floor with an old wooden handled mop and some kind of string mop that just moved the muck about.

Early mornings, late nights.

Unfortunately the hours we work in the cleaning industry does mean that staff are out early and in late. As Autumn turns to Winter and the clocks go back, before long staff will be leaving and returning home in the dark. We would like staff to have as many ‘safeguards’ as possible, especially those travelling and/or working alone.

Tailor Made in Yorkshire

I meet hundreds of potential customers each and every year, who are all looking for the same thing….. A reliable cleaning company that can provide “Value for Money”, not just at the beginning but throughout the length of the contract. This sounds easy to achieve, but it actually takes serious investment and commitment to building a strong operations team. So where do sales fit into this “Value for Money” ethos that our customers are so eagerly demanding. It’s easy…. and it all starts with making sure we listen!

Beating cancer together.

Well done and thank you to those who wore their teams Football Shirt to Work last Friday. We’ve donated £100 towards the fight against cancer.

Your donation will help us to beat bowel cancer sooner

Dear Paul ,
Thank you so much for your donation of £100.00.
Your gift will help to fund world-class research into bowel cancer.
Thanks to our scientists, doctors and nurses, more people are surviving cancer now than ever before. But we can’t stop there. We’ll keep working to diagnose cancer earlier, make treatments kinder and more effective and get closer to beating cancer.

Without you, our pioneering work just wouldn’t be possible – so thank you again from us all.
Stephanie Moore
Bobby Moore Fund
Cancer Research UK