Above and beyond…

We often get to hear stories of nice things our cleaning teams do for our customers and this one came to light last week.

A customer had lost a diamond ear ring, it wasn’t expensive but had a lot of sentimental value and the cleaners were asked to keep an eye out for it as it may have either dropped on the floor or maybe someone had placed it somewhere to be found but hadn’t mentioned it. It just so happened that the previous evening one of the team had heard a ‘ping’ as if something small had been sucked up in to the vacuum, could it possibly could be the ear ring?

The problem that in that area alone there are four vacuum cleaners working and our operative couldn’t remember or recognise which one they’d used. So, four of our lovely team emptied the bags of all four of the vacuums out and by hand, without making a real mess, went through them all and guess what? They found the ear ring they were looking for. Result, a happy customer and loads of nice things said about the effort they went to just to try and help an upset customer out.

Magic. Take a bow, you wonderful people.