Back to School

On Tuesday the 8th July I’ve been invited back to my old school, Ponteland High School to participate in their ‘Entrepreneur Week’ where the students join in various tasks and to give them many different opportunities to see if they have the ‘bug for business.’

Controlling Cleaning Costs

One of the areas we work extremely hard at is helping our customer to control their costs and adding value where we can. Most of the cost is simply labour charges, you’re paying for a cleaning operative to physically do a task and therefore reducing the number of tasks or making a task easier or quicker (increasing productivity) will help. There are some things where clients can also help themselves and ensure cleaning costs are kept under control and here are a few examples of where money can be saved.

Cross Contamination Surprises

Over the years we’ve visited a lot of potential clients and poked our heads in to a huge number of cleaning cupboards. As I’ve recently been training new Business Development Managers, I’ve been back in to visiting buildings and looking around the areas used to store mops, cloths and associated equipment etc.

Excellent Audit Result

One of the markets we specialise in is the clinical industry where we clean a lot of dental and doctor surgeries and we do work directly for the Primary Care Trust (NHS). The largest site we look after has today had an audit to ensure that we are compliant with our Service Level Agreement and we do this by working to stringent Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). We’re delighted to have achieved a 99% score. Huge congratulations to the team and Operations Managers who work so very hard to ensure that standards remain consistently high.

Press Release about Leeds expansion.

Tidy growth as Tyneside cleaning company creates 100 new jobs + expands into new region

A multi-million pound, family-run commercial cleaning business, based in Newcastle, is exceeding its growth plans by opening a new office that could create up to 100 jobs by the end of 2015.

Edwards Commercial Cleaning provides a range of cleaning services to companies all over the UK and employs around 200 staff from its HQ in Jesmond.

What’s in the ‘Client Area’?

If you’re wondering what’s stored in the ‘Client Area’ well, we’ve placed a lot of information which will be useful to our customers. In there are risk assessments, method statements, our health and safety policy, insurance information and lots, lots more. If you’d like access to that section so you can download anything you need, please call the office on 0191 2720824 and we’ll email you a log in and password. This area will be kept up to date so as things need updating or changed, they’ll be in there for you.

Our plastic ‘milk round’

We produce a lot of our own waste. With over 200 sites receiving a monthly delivery of stock we discovered that most of the empty plastic containers and bottles we deliver were going in to customers general waste which goes to landfill. This simply isn’t good enough and along with our ISO14001 commitment to the environment, we decided that all of our plastic waste had to go to be recycled. Now, when we make a delivery, we drop in a clear recycle bag for the empty bottles and containers to go into. We then take the bags to be recycled. We call this our ‘milk round’ and it’s been tremendously successful and literally tons of plastic have been prevented from going to landfill.