What’s in the ‘Client Area’?

If you’re wondering what’s stored in the ‘Client Area’ well, we’ve placed a lot of information which will be useful to our customers. In there are risk assessments, method statements, our health and safety policy, insurance information and lots, lots more. If you’d like access to that section so you can download anything you need, please call the office on 0191 2720824 and we’ll email you a log in and password. This area will be kept up to date so as things need updating or changed, they’ll be in there for you.

Our plastic ‘milk round’

We produce a lot of our own waste. With over 200 sites receiving a monthly delivery of stock we discovered that most of the empty plastic containers and bottles we deliver were going in to customers general waste which goes to landfill. This simply isn’t good enough and along with our ISO14001 commitment to the environment, we decided that all of our plastic waste had to go to be recycled. Now, when we make a delivery, we drop in a clear recycle bag for the empty bottles and containers to go into. We then take the bags to be recycled. We call this our ‘milk round’ and it’s been tremendously successful and literally tons of plastic have been prevented from going to landfill.