Opening Back Up

Quite a few businesses are now asking about a pre-clean before staff start back to work again, albeit in reduced numbers or a staggered return.

One or two are concerned that the Coronavirus may be lingering around their site as some staff may have had symptoms as the building was being closed down. NHS England are advising that after three days, even infected items will be safe to bag and put in general waste so after a number of weeks the risk has gone. Our pre-cleans are simply getting dust and dirt away so that the place of work is nice and clean for the staff’s return.

For day to day cleaning, we’ve changed from antibacterial cleaner to a virus killing cleaner and will concentrate on touch points and places where people may cross contaminate, should they be a Covid19 carrier but not showing symptoms. Places like handles, taps, push plates, lift buttons, door entry systems and shared telephones will all be cleaned daily. We’re liaising closely with all customers as they make a return to establish the risk areas and agree what’s best to clean. Our staff will wear suitable PPE and have been asked not to work with any symptom at all to avoid them spreading the virus.

It’s looking like the ‘new’ normal will be a little different than before and until a vaccine is produced that works, the virus will stay with us and be a risk to health. In the event of a breakout of Covid19, we’re prepared and ready for a decontamination of those areas and have already cleaned dozens of buildings to allow people to safely return to work. We’re here to help, please call us with any concern.