Keeping Your Staff and Customers Safe from Covid 19

With businesses looking at ways of protecting staff and customers the best they can, we’ve been looking at innovative ways to keep you as safe as possible. One system of keeping Covid 19 off every surface in a building is to ‘fog’ with Zoono.

Fogging is a way of releasing a fine mist of a chemical cleaning and protecting solution which spreads and settles on every surface it comes in to contact with. This will include door handles, taps, desks, chairs, switches, lift controls, phones and keyboards. It’s a quick and effective method and rooms can be used again after only five minutes.

Zoono was invented in New Zealand and is a chemical that covers everything with positively charged microscopic pins which literally burst the skin of viruses and bacteria on impact. This layer of mono-molecular pins are bonded to every surface and even with normal daily cleaning methods, won’t wipe or wash off.

Zoono is colourless, odourless, environmentally safe and although gentle for humans and animals, is deadly for bacteria, mould and viruses.


For more details or to arrange a quotation for fogging Zoono, please get in touch.