Perhaps We Can All Now Move On?

There has been a lot of uncertainty for years now regarding Brexit and the way forward. Now that the election is over and the Government has its majority, perhaps it will be good for business and we can, at last, proceed with our growth plans and create many more opportunities across the business.

I have to say that there has definitely been a slow down of decision making in business with all of the political uncertainty and that included us too. Making medium and long term choices has been difficult knowing that many of our clients either export directly to Europe or, deal with customers that do. The knock-on effect was unknown and therefore making decisions which involve investment, change and planning had been scaled back. Now Boris has a lot more Members of Parliament, 20 more in the north east alone, maybe we’ll get a little more attention up here in so far as investment goes. We badly need infrastructure to be improved as anyone who does a reasonable amount of mileage on our roads and motorways or travels on rail will testify. The Conservatives had ‘borrowed’ Labour votes and it’s in their court now to decide if they’ll keep them when we do this all again in five years time. Let’s all hope they live up to their promises and do the right thing.

Of course we still aren’t through the Brexit saga and face perhaps years of negotiations to get a deal that protects business as well as our borders and allows us to make spending decisions having saved a “Billion a month” from the EU (so they say). We have have investment from Europe but more goes out than comes in so you never know? There will be an amount of uncertainty as the Brexit negotiations go on but at least the Government can make the decisions now and maybe that’s a good thing? Our Pound and Markets certainly thought so after the election result. As a business we’re now planning a little more positively and will be making significant investments in systems to help us do things better going forward. We’ve already committed to new vehicles for next year and have forged some new collaborations with like minded suppliers which will also improve our offering to customers and potential clients. If everyone else is of the same mindset, we’ll see business growing throughout the Country.

Perhaps we can all now move on? Happy Christmas everyone.