New Winter Gritting Partner (North East)

As part of our service provision, we’re always looking for ways we can provide a more complete service to our customers. We’ve partnered up with a north east based grounds maintenance / winter gritting company who we can thoroughly recommend.

Do you have sites where you’re responsible for car parks and paths?

We’re in a position to deliver a proactive winter service to clients. Once we receive our forecast reports, we attend client properties to spread salt, therefore reducing the likelihood of ice forming or snow laying.

• Our service is automatically activated based on the Met-office Opensite report we pay for.

• The service activation trigger is 0 degrees road surface temperature (RST). This is far more accurate at forecasting road states than the air temperature shown on most websites and tv reports.

• Reports are received at around 8am and cover the coming 24 hours from midday to midday. The report breaks the postcode area down into 1 hour intervals.

• Service is delivered out of hours (usually between 6pm & 2am) to ensure better spreads and limit accidents/incidents with site occupiers.

• Reports are in pdf format (kept on record permanently) and vehicles are tracked meaning we can help co-defend any potential liability claims.

• Snow clearance can be automatically arranged should the forecast show 5cm or more of snow.

Please note that this isn’t a new service. They’ve been delivering the above to schools, business parks, care homes and distribution centres for over 5 years now.

Please give us a call for more details on 0191 3000815.