Cheap can end up being expensive for your business – don’t cut corners on your cleaning budget.

We are surrounded by germs especially in confined areas where people are working or interacting in close proximity with one another like the office or school or hospitals and medical centre’s they are at particular high risk of the spread of germs.

Breathing the same air and touching the same things like door handles, hand rails, light switches, money, keyboards etc all of which are covered in germs. Paying for cheap cleaning contracts you will get basic and unmotivated cleaning operatives that are being paid on the lowest hourly rate the germs are going to stay and the cleaning is not going to be done to the highest standards. Our hands are responsible for the spread of 80% of common infectious diseases, effective hand hygiene continues to be recognized as the smartest, most cost-effective means of infection control in the workplace. Health promotion or wellness programs have been shown to be effective at reducing absenteeism, health costs, workers compensation claims and turnover but often, forget to address infectious diseases. Workplace infection control programs focusing on hand hygiene have been found effective at reducing absenteeism on average by around 40 %. An important component of prevention is hand hygiene training and supplies including soap, sanitizer, paper towels and tissues

On average, there is 10 million germs on the average desk those organisms then risk being transferred when people touch their eyes or mouths, causing colds, coughs, flu, norovirus and food poisoning. Office equipment such as telephone handsets, computer keyboards and desks, which are hotspots for viruses and bacteria, and other hard surfaces in regular contact with hands should be cleaned and disinfected regularly using anti-viral and anti-bacterial products which will help to reduce the risk of picking up colds and flu. By investing in your cleaning in the workplace will ensure a safe and secure from germs for your hard-working employees.

Rachael McCarthy
Business Development Manager