Meet the Team

Each member of our highly experienced team is dedicated to providing you with only the best service we can possibly provide. It shows in everything we do, from how we assess your needs, to how we with you on an ongoing basis, to how we respond to the changing needs of your business.

Paul Edwards

Managing Director

Starting the original business in 1998, Paul split the company in two in 2003 when the ex-Director took the other half and went his own way. The company became Edwards Commercial Cleaning Services Limited and Hazel, Paul’s wife, joined the new business. Since then the business has grown year on year, creating many jobs and opportunities and gaining an excellent reputation for ‘exceeding expectations’. In September 2013 on it’s 10th anniversary, the company re-branded and changed colours, logo’s and now has a lovely new website! On the 10th March 2014 Edwards Commercial Cleaning (North) Limited was started covering the Yorkshire region. Plans for growth and creating even more jobs and opportunities are huge. A really exciting time for the two businesses. Paul’s passion is to empower and develop the staff to reach their potential. “If we give the people the opportunity, mentor and support them, then they flourish. Seeing progression up through the business of an individual is amazing and this ensures that our customers get the service and personal attention they deserve.”

Hazel Edwards

Company Secretary

Hazel joined the newly formed company in 2003 and runs the administration side of the business. With 15 years of local government administration experience, Hazel does everything from payroll and invoicing to cash collection, banking and all the personnel contracts for the workforce. “I’ve been in administration since I was 17 and started at the the DHSS in Longbenton. It gave me an excellent grounding in the importance of systems and ways of working efficiently. Now with our own family business, looking after the clients and our staff is so important. Getting the invoices right and ensuring our staff are paid correctly, on time is vital. Happy staff look after the customers and that’s what it’s all about.”

Andrius Dagys

General Manager

Andrius joined us as an Area Supervisor in 2005 and quickly gained promotion to Operations Manager due to his fantastic work ethic, eye for detail and people management skills in to our operations team. It wasn’t long before Andrius took on the responsibility of running the operations side of the business and he does this brilliantly. Hugely respected by colleagues across the business as well as by our clients. On the 1st September 2014 we announced that Andrius has now become our new General Manager, recognition for a job expertly done. In his 15th year with us, Andrius is as enthusiastic as ever, “It’s a big family and we work so hard to ensure the operatives are fully supported and the clients are happy with everything we do. Going above and beyond is what we excel at and our team of operations managers, area supervisors work so well together to make sure the cleaning teams can deliver the quality service we’re so proud of.”

Will Tombs

Financial Director

Will joins us as Financial Director having gained experience from companies like PwC and Hammerite and recently was a Director at accountants Rycroft Glenton. With financial expertise now required as year on year growth makes financial control and planning of great importance, Will’s know how will be valuable in the next stage of our business planning. Married with three young children, Will takes time out from work and family by supporting Newcastle United.

Jonny Edwards

Operations and Administration

Jonny has been working for many years now with the administration side of the business and has an excellent understanding of accounts and payroll and now, following on from gaining his 2:1 Degree in Business, is learning the business. Working with Helen Peat, Andrius Dagys and the rest of the operations team, Jonny is learning quickly about the cleaning side and working closely with the most important people, our cleaning teams. It’s going to take a while to get a good understanding but it’s the only, and best way to learn. Jonny has just completed the IOSH qualification in managing safely. When not at work, Jonny loves his football and (when he gets fit following ACL surgery) he’ll get back to playing centre half for Wallington and possibly back to coaching junior football somewhere as he also has his Class 1 coaching badge. Jonny has been at the forefront of the fight against Covid19 and has been heavily involved in deep cleans.

Stephanie Nicholson

Finance Manager

It’s taken a while but we’ve now got Steph to look at the financial side of the business which is a great help for Hazel. Collecting in money is such an important part of running a company and Steph has a load of experience doing exactly that. We’ve already seen excellent results and it’s lovely having Steph working with us. Out of work her two little’uns keep Steph really busy and she enjoys walks on the beach. The odd glass of wine goes down nicely too!


Operations Manager

Dawn joined us in the Summer of 2020 having moved to the North East from London. Having worked in Operations for a group of Chemists in the Capital, Dawn met a Geordie and decided, wisely, that it would be a great move to re-locate up to where the air is clean and people are warm and welcoming! Dawn persuaded us that her profile photo is her most recent and we thought it was cute (and annoyingly, Dawn hasn’t changed that much!) With family spread across England and spending time with her partner, Dawn spends time getting around to see family. We’re loving the Cockney accent in the office too.

Ella Waterfield

Recruitment Manager

Originally from Leeds, Ella met a bloke (Adam) and decided to move to the North East and now also has a daft ‘doby’ called Thor (pictured with Ella.) With a load of recruitment experience and a bright and breezy personality, Ella is filling those vacancies across the North East and in her home county of Yorkshire really nicely. Ella is also the Company Secretary of her partner (Adam’s) business, A1 Joinery and Shopfitting. Ella loves getting out and about on long walks in her spare time.

Tracey Langstaff

Business Development Manager (North East)

Tracey joined us with over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, bringing with her a wealth of people and communication skills. Tracey is spearheading our growth plans in the North East and keeps the Operations team very busy with the amount of new business she keeps on bringing in. When not at work Tracey spends as much time as possible with her children and has been known to frequent theme parks! A more relaxing hobby for Tracey is gardening.

Steve Woodward

Operations Manager

Steve joins us from managing the cleaning in one of the regions largest hospitals and we’re delighted to have him on board. With a ton of experience in several sectors, Steve has come with ideas which will only help us get better at what we do. He’ll be looking after clients and the cleaning teams, mainly in the County Durham, Wearside and Teesside area and with the expected growth in those areas, Steve’s going to be busy.

Sarah Taylor

Office Manager

Sarah is now our full time Office Manager and we’re absolutely delighted to have such a bubbly personality in our new John Buddle Work Village office. Sarah had originally been with us in a part time role but we thought it was time Sarah ‘officially’ ran the place! Sarah will be working mainly from the office but with innovations in IT, Sarah can work from virtually any place she’s is. When not at work Sarah spends lots of time with Dylan (her big lad, who seems to be getting taller every time we see him), Zumba and a whole host of stuff to keep her busy. Great to have you around a whole lot more.

Laura Howell

Business Development Manager (Yorkshire)

Laura has been an Area Sales Manager selling medical equipment for over three years and joins us at a very exciting time as we have big plans for profitable growth across our Yorkshire region. Living in Harrogate, Laura is perfectly placed to cover the area and along with her marketing support and fantastic, established, operations team we plan to create many more jobs and opportunities in Yorkshire. Out of work, Laura loves dogs and horses and is a self confessed ‘petrol head’ and just loves anything to do with cars. It’s great having you on board Laura, we just need to be able to keep up!

Adam Lawson

Operations Manager

Adam is a South Yorkshire lad who joined with a wealth of people management and customer liaison experience from mainly retail industries. Building excellent teams has been something that Adam is rightly proud of and he’s looking forward to building and improving our support team to ensure the front line cleaning operatives are looked after and, in turn, take excellent care of our clients. Adam’s friendly and professional personality will endear him to both staff and customers and he’s looking forward to the opportunity working with us. Out of work Adam has a daughter and loves spending quality time together with her. We hear he’s quite the cook too so look forward to the odd masterpiece coming into the office!

Donna Wilkinson

Operations Supervisor

Donna joins to Operations team with many years of cleaning, housekeeping and even call centre management experience. Loving a challenge and having an opportunity to progress is what Donna wanted in her next role and we’re delighted to welcome her into our ever growing operations team, where the possibilities are endless! Donna recently got engaged and along with her two teenage children has now really got her work cut out! Our clients and staff are going to love working with her.


Office Hound

Bella is a Newfoundland and loves jam on toast, biscuits, sausages, curry and anything else that happens to drop on the floor (accidentally of course).

We're always looking for local, experienced cleaning staff to work with us. If you're interested in joining us, please get in touch. If you have a car and are able to work very flexible hours, please get in touch. We pay mileage allowances too.