The Beast from the East Didn’t Stop Us!

Hearing some of the many stories about the awful conditions thrown at us from the ‘Beast from the East’ over the last seven days or so have been absolutely inspirational.

One of our Operations Managers managed to get from Sunderland to Consett to make a cleaning delivery first thing in the morning and ended up getting dug out of the snow by a farmer in a tractor, the snow drifts were so deep. It didn’t stop him though and half an hour later, he was in Durham.

A small group of our amazing cleaning team were at work on Tuesday evening when the busses stopped working. This meant a three and a half hour walk home in a blizzard but they were all back at work again the following day. There are many stories emerging which are just simply awe inspiring.

Everyone just simply got on with it and despite the cold and terrible conditions, virtually every client got a service. We have over 400 cleaners and 300 accounts and only a few credit notes will be issued as our staff couldn’t attend work. Quite a few were stopped from going to work as the client decided to close up or leave early and asked us not to go in.

As always, we owe a huge “thank you” to all of our brilliant teams who ensured that our customers got the cleaning service they require.