The Way Forward

The recent Referendum and decision for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union has created an amount of uncertainty both politically and throughout business.

The north east of England is one of the main regions for exports and with large companies based here, we’ll have to wait to see what is going to happen as they decide what, if anything, to do. With the Prime Minister going and the Country in political turmoil, this hasn’t helped the situation as business waits for leadership and decisions about what the relationship the UK will have going forward with the EU.
Of course we look after a number of clients who are either European owned or deal with clients in Europe and like everyone else we’ll have to wait to see if things change. With a new Prime Minister not due before September and the possibility of a General Election again this has just added to the feeling of uncertainty. Experts say that we may trigger Article 50 (the process of leaving the EU) in the New Year and therefore look to be out of the European Union by January 2019 which is quite a while to wait for decisions to be made in politics and especially with business.

One of the main reasons that the ‘Leave’ campaign won was centred around immigration and the control of the borders. We as a company employ many people who have come and settled here in the UK from many countries from around the World. We have Sri Lankans, Chinese, Polish, Lithuanians, Gambians and a host of diverse cultures, races and creeds which makes our business so special. We will continue to employ and give opportunities to people for right across the planet as well as native UK residents. We’re better for having such a team of marvellous people working with us.

As a business we continue to grow and provide jobs and opportunities to the best people we can find. We’ve just recruited strongly within our Operations Team and will continue to do so. Our target markets have not changed as long as we offer value for money through employing the right people, training them properly, supporting them and ensuring that productivity and quality of service is high then we’ll continue to do well and ensure profitable growth.

I’m sure there will be challenging times ahead but we’re all in this together and in my experience, teamwork always wins.