Happy Birthday to us!

On the 1st September 2003 we started trading as Edwards Commercial Cleaning and 11 years later we’re now employing over 200 staff and operating throughout the North East and Yorkshire. We’re proud that, even through recession, we’ve become bigger year on year and increased staff numbers and especially that we’ve managed to bring people up in to management roles through the ranks! Today we’re starting three new contracts and have signed two more which will create new jobs for local people. The future looks good.

As we’ve moved away from those dark recession days, enquiries are up and we have over 400 people on our waiting lists for work spread right across the area of our operation. We continue to use local suppliers and ensure investment stays in the north and as we increase our fleet of vehicles and stocks of equipment we’ll insist this remains the same and the wealth stays in the areas we work in. The proudest thing about the entire business is that we truly have the most wonderful people working with us. How lucky we are that over 200+ hard working, caring and loyal individuals ensure that our clients receive a service that exceeds expectation. Of course we get the occasional ‘hic – up’ and this is when our fantastic Operations team swing in to action and resolve the issues immediately and without fuss.

It’s been a tremendous 11 years and we can only wonder what the next 11 will bring, the experiences and learning’s, the new starters and new clients and it will certainly prove to be interesting, challenging and something we wouldn’t miss for the world.