Home Based Appointment Maker Vacancy

Can you make business to business appointments?

We’re a family commercial cleaning business, expanding throughout the north east area. We need appointments made for our lovely Tracey (our Business Development Manager) to go and speak to the potential clients and provide them with a quote.

So, we’re looking for someone to join our happy family and make these appointments to keep Tracey busy and help us create loads of new jobs and opportunities. The weekly target is a minimum 5 appointments in 18 hours.

Can you make appointments? We need someone with an excellent track record of achievement.

We’re offering a hourly rate (just to pick the phone up!) and then an appointment bonus of between £15 – £25 (depending on the hours in the prospective appointment) and an end of month bonus. We’ve been doing this for years and regularly get appointments for every 3 hours worked! This means that if you’ve worked 3 hours and get the lowest grade appointment of £15 you’ll have earned £40.50 or £13.5 per hour! Obviously if you’re good and can make larger appointments, your rate goes up.

This is ideal for someone with outbound sales / appointment making experience who works from home already or, wants extra income.

You can work 18 hours a week for us (possibly more to follow). It’s flexible Monday to Friday between 9am – 5pm so you choose your days and when is convenient too.

You can be employed or self-employed. Your choice.

We have a CRM system with over 4,000 leads on there already! All you need is a computer and a phone. We’ll also pass you leads from incoming enquiries.

We’ll pay you £15 a month towards your phone system too.

Sounds good? Then give us a call on 07513 063274 and speak to Tracey or send in your CV (Tracey@edwardscleaningltd.com) with your contact details and we’ll call you. Immediate start for the ideal person who wants to join our family business and wants to be an important part of our growth plans. Call us now and we look forward to hearing from you.

We do need people with experience of outbound calling, preferably appointment making to the business sector. No need to apply if you haven’t got this experience please.



Salary: £8.50 /hour plus bonuses